May 27, 2022

Indeed it is as it claims to be – the network of 3 is fresh, out of the box and attitude of taking services beyond expectations is what makes it different. It was given permission to set up base in UK in the Millennium and is the proud possessor of the “best network of the year” award from What Cellphone – 2005

As a UK Network service provider

This leading network in the UK provides its customers with the convenience of converging communication, entertainment and informative media. The one-of-a-kind blend of media and informative pieces together with its mobility has resulted in its advancement technologically and is now crowned 3G for the third generation of mobile techno-information. The network service provider of 3 Mobile Network in UK is quick, efficient and strong being media-knowing and therefore delivers all it promises to its customers.

Newest 3 Mobile Network Phones

Some of the newest mobile network Phones senaste nyheterna inom teknik from 3 to hit the market is the N series from Nokia, the K series from Sony Ericsson and the latest amazements from Motorola. In fact every hi-fi phone of today is being produced with the 3 mobile network edge because the third generation is the future and future is the revolution of mobile wireless communications.

Revolutionary 3 Mobile Phone Network updates in UK

o This network was the newest network to launch the premier live video news on mobile as well as the channel for entertainment.

o This network was the first to launch the wireless multiplayer gaming systems found now on mobile phones.

o The launching of the video mail as over the voice mail is the first of its kind in the history of mobile technology that operates as how one operates over the voice mail but the stamp of the third generation technology.

o It also initiated the music and video solos of different pop stars like Robin Williams.

o The Football premiership highlights of Barclay was another first on video from 3 Mobile Network.

o The pay-as-you-go, pay monthly and business deals are available from 3 Mobile network as well and the deals are attractive for contract terms.

3 Mobiles has the Latest Mobile Technologies which are available in UK Mobile Phone Market. Some Nokia E Series BestDealsĀ  are compatible with 3 Mobile Phone Network.


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