May 27, 2022

Have you ever considered using accent pillows to show off your favorite photos? You can use photographs of your children, family or even your pets. With woven tapestry products you can have richly colored accents that will totally change the look of your room while being uniquely decorated with the ones you love!

Tapestries have been around nearly since time began. In ancient times, patterns were often displayed that depicted war victories, battles and other scenes. While you can still choose beautiful designs to decorate your accent shaped throw pillows using your favorite photographs gives your decor a special, personal touch.

Need an unusual gift for a friend or loved one? What better and more welcome gift could you give than a pillow that is useful, decorative and embellished with a special photo of their child, pet, grandparents or anyone else close to them? This is a gift that they will truly appreciate and enjoy. It may even become a family heirloom!

You may be curious if this is an image that is simply “stamped” onto accent pillows. PictureWeave is a process in which your photo is actually woven into 100% cotton jacquard material. This means that your product will be of top quality and craftsmanship. Simply provide a quality digital photograph with a clear image, and it can be designed into a beautiful accent that looks amazingly exactly like the picture you provided.

Are you looking for a unique gift, or perhaps a few unusual ways to change up your own decor? Consider tapestry accent pillows decorated with your favorite photographs. It is certainly not your ordinary pillow! Even better, it is a way to capture an image of someone who is near and dear to your heart, and become a keepsake as well.

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