June 26, 2022

This century is a century of mobility, the innovation of IT technology has reformed the way we live. Internet allows people to stay active, connected, and well-informed literally everywhere on earth. How to efficiently access and process information is the essential challenge confronted by the mobile generation.

Recently a new service offered by iMobLife provides an efficient assistance for mobile investors to satisfy their various needs for financial information. The new service allows an investor to build a customized edition of MobFinance by choosing his favorite exchanges from 50 major exchanges worldwide. Via this service, investors can retrieve financial news, stock quotes and live charts all over the world directly to their symbian or blackberry phones.

The customized MobFinance is typically useful for finansnyheter investors who have multiple stocks or futures in different countries. It enables an investor to create and manage portfolios by adding stocks from major exchanges in US, Australia, HK, Germany, China, etc. Each stock will be linked to a dedicated exchange so that users can get multiple quotes, headlines, and updates from different exchanges at the same time. With just one click, it provides investors with a comprehensive set of financial information, including stock quotes and charts, transaction volume, market news, stock news and more, anytime, anywhere!

As for a mobile investor, the customization process is very easy. Customers just need to notify iMobLife the exchange codes to include. iMobLife will build a customized edition of MobFinance just for him in 48 hours. A trial version will be sent to the customer before he makes his decision on whether to order.

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